1998 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

This information is prepared as an informational service only and should not be relied upon as an official record of action taken by the Colorado General Assembly.

1998 Senate Bills, 1998 Senate Resolutions and Memorials

1998 House Bills, 1998 House Resolutions and Memorials
Status Sheet Fiscal Note Res. Number Prime Sponsor Bill Titles
Status sjr1 WELLS Governor Notification
Status sjr2 WELLS Employees Grades And Steps
Status sjr3 MUTZEBAUGH Environmental Regulatory Review
Status sjr4 BISHOP Wastewater Treatment Project Eligibility
Status sjr5 POWERS Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport
Status sjr6 AMENT Concerning The Federal "Wilderness Act"
Status sjr7 NORTON State Defense From E.P.A.
Status sjr8 NORTON Colorado State Rams Football Team
Status sjr9 HOPPER Colorado Nonprofit Day
Status sjr10 DENNIS Impact Of Colorado Airspace Initiative
Status sjr11 COFFMAN Concerning The Number Of Bill Introductions
Status sjr12 BLICKENSDERFER Liberty Day & Month In Colorado
Status sjr13 THIEBAUT Colorado Airspace Initiative
Status sjr14 CONGROVE Colorado Law Enforcement Memorial
Status sjr15 COFFMAN Concerning The Promise Keepers Organization
Status sjr16 COFFMAN Military Appreciation Day
Status sjr17 WEDDIG Aurora Hinkley High School Basketball Team
Status sjr18 TANNER Colorado Peace Officer Appreciation Day
Status sjr19 NORTON Greeley Independence Day Stampede
Status sjr20 NORTON Congratulating The UNC Bears Football Team
Status sjr21 COFFMAN Federal Excise Tax On Gasoline
Status sjr22 PERLMUTTER 50th Anniversary Of The State Of Israel
Status sjr23 AMENT Dissapproval Of Kyoto Protocol On Global Warming
Status sjr24 PASCOE Height Standards For Infant Cribs
Status sjr25 MUTZEBAUGH Congressional Term Limits
Status sjr26 PERLMUTTER Coors Brewing Company 125th Anniversary
Status sjr27 BISHOP Colorado's Hazardous Materials
Status sjr28 WATTENBERG Colorado Insurance Statute On Ownership Interests
Status sjr29 WHAM Renovation Of The State Capitol
Status sjr30 BLICKENSDERFER Regarding Economic Education
Status sjr31 RUPERT Supporting Passage Of MiCASA
Status sjr32 RUPERT Studying Truth In Sentencing
Status sjr33 HERNANDEZ Study Of Dropout Rate In Secondary Schools
Status sjr34 MARTINEZ Concerning Civil War Memorial
Status sjr35 CHLOUBER Correctional Employees Appreciation Week
Status sr1 WELLS Senate Employees
Status sr2 WELLS Employees Presession Work
Status sr3 WELLS Concerning A Senate Employee
Status sr4 WELLS Senate Employee
Status sr5 NORTON Congratulating The World Champion DENVER BRONCOS
Status sr6 NORTON Senate Committee Membership
Status sr7 WELLS Printing Of Concurrent Resolutions
Status sr8 PASCOE 150th Anniversary Of Women's Rights Movement
Status sr9 BISHOP Rabbi Stanley M. Wagner
Status sr10 LACY Tribute To Ralphie III
Status sr11 DENNIS National County Government Week
Status sr12 MATSUNAKA Thompson Valley Boys' Swim Team
Status sr13 COFFMAN Renovation Of Mile High Stadium Reconsideration
Status scr1 CHLOUBER State Constitutional Right Of Privacy
Status scr2 LAMBORN Personal Property Taxation Exemption
Status scr3 NORTON Excess Revenue Refund
Status scr4 NORTON Residential Property Tax
Status scr5 COFFMAN Senate Confirmation Of Justices
Status scr6 THIEBAUT Concerning Judicial Officers
Status scr7 WHAM Establiching Qualifications For Office Of County Coroner
Status scr8 COFFMAN Limiting Regular Sessions Of The General Assembly
Status scr9 PASCOE General Fund Appropriations For Public Schools
Status scr10 BISHOP Concerning State Cash Funds
Status scr11 BLICKENSDERFER Elimination Of The Office Of Lieutenant Governor
Status scr12 RUPERT Modifying Voting Requirements For Certain Districts
Status scr13 HOPPER Creation Of City & County Of Broomfield
Status sjm1 COFFMAN Severance & Termination Payment Tax Prohibition
Status sjm2 BLICKENSDERFER Ratifying Protocol To NATO
Status sm1 AMENT Memorializing Kenneth I. Kinnie

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