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BY SENATORS Ament, Norton, Alexander, Arnold, Bishop, Blickensderfer, Chlouber, Coffman, Congrove, Dennis, Feeley, Hernandez, Hopper, Johnson, Lacy, Lamborn, Linkhart, Martinez, Matsunaka, Mutzebaugh, Pascoe, Perlmutter, Phillips, Powers, Reeves, Rizzuto, Rupert, Schroeder, Tanner, Tebedo, Thiebaut, Wattenberg, Weddig, Wells, and Wham

WHEREAS, By the will of Divine Providence, our beloved former member, the Honorable Kenneth I. Kinnie, departed this life on August 14, 1997, at the age of 74; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie was born in Julesburg, Colorado, on April 28, 1923; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie graduated from Sedgwick schools in 1942; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie attended the University of Colorado in Boulder, where he studied engineering; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie served in Pacific operations with the U.S. Navy as an electrician=s mate third class from 1944 to 1946; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie served the counties of Cheyenne, Kiowa, Kit Carson, Logan, Morgan, Phillips, Sedgwick, Washington, Yuma, Crowley, Elbert, and Lincoln for eight years as a member of the Colorado Senate; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie served on the Appropriations, State Affairs, Transportation, and Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Energy committees, the 1977 Fixed Utilities and School Finance interim committees, and as Vice-Chairman of the 1977 Agriculture and Wildlife and the 1978 Water and Coal Slurry interim committees; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie was a valued member of the Julesburg community where he was a charter member and president of the Julesburg Booster Club, chairman of the Sedgwick County Republican Central Committee for 16 years, and a member of the Julesburg Jaycees and the United Methodist Church of Julesburg; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie also served for eight years on the state ASCS Committee; and

WHEREAS, Senator Kinnie was a long-time farmer and businessman in Julesburg where he founded the Hodges-Kinnie Grain Company; now, therefore,

Be It Resolved by the Senate of the Sixty-first General Assembly of the State of Colorado:

That, in the death of Kenneth I. Kinnie, the people of the State of Colorado have lost an outstanding citizen and public servant and that we, the members of the Senate of the state of Colorado, hereby extend our deep and heartfelt sympathy to the members of his family and pay tribute to a man who served his state well and faithfully.

Be It Further Resolved, That copies of this Memorial be sent to Senator Kinnie=s wife Lucille; his three sons, K. Joe Kinnie of Julesburg, Colorado, Craig Kinnie of Hillsboro, Oregon, and Ernest Kinnie of Thornton, Colorado; his three sisters, Phyllis Brune, Doris Kraemer, and Mary Zielger, all of Denver; and his two brothers, Leland Kinnie of Denver and Lynn Kinnie of Estes Park.

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Tom Norton Patricia K. Dicks