Welcome to the Colorado General Assembly's official website
The First Regular Session of the Sixty-ninth General Assembly convenes on January 9, 2013.

Representative Frank McNulty
Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives

Welcome to the Colorado General Assembly’s official website. Colorado has a long tradition of open government that encourages—and is designed for—citizen participation. Here, you will find everything from instant access to past and current bills, live broadcasts of floor and committee room proceedings, bill analyses, contact information and much more.

On behalf of my colleagues in the House of Representatives, thank you for your visit and your participation. Your involvement is critical to our efforts to build a better Colorado.

Senator Brandon C Shaffer
President of the Colorado Senate

Welcome to the Colorado General Assembly website!  It is our great honor to serve the people of Colorado.  This website is a portal to the work of the legislature and provides information about participating in Colorado's government.  Here you will find the schedules for public hearings on proposed legislation, descriptions and full text of proposed changes to our laws, official records of each vote cast by your elected representatives, and much, much more. 

This resource is provided to engage Coloradans in our democratic process:  to help facilitate transparency in your government and to help you hold your representatives accountable.  Please do not hesitate to contact your representatives with questions and comments.  We work for you and look forward to hearing your feedback.

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