(a) Errors in spelling, punctuation, grammar, and matters of form, where no change of meaning will occur, may be corrected by the Revisor of Statutes, secretary of the Senate, or the chief clerk of the House of Representa-tives prior to the engrossing or enrolling of any bill, resolution, or memorial, and such corrections shall be noted on a standard Correction Schedule attached to the measure itself.

(b) Recommended substantive changes or corrections of a bill or concurrent resolution, notice of conflicting provisions in another measure, and other similar matters shall be contained in a Revisor's preliminary comment and shall be delivered to the prime sponsors of the measures and the chairman of the committee of reference to which the measure was assigned, at any time prior to second or third reading.

(c) Substantive changes or corrections of a bill or concurrent resolution, which will change the meaning thereof, shall be recommended by comment of the Revisor of Statutes attached to the measure after its passage by one house and prior to its introduction in the second house. Such comment made at any other time shall be attached to the measure by the house having custody thereof, and its receipt shall be noted in the journal. No such changes or corrections shall be effective until adopted by the second house.