If after amendment and passage of a bill by the second house, the Revisor of Statutes in the Office of Legislative Legal Services finds an error, conflict, or inconsistency created by said amendment which cannot be corrected pursuant to Joint Rule No. 16, said office shall clearly indicate such fact upon said bill and return it and the necessary correction to the second house for consideration of the correction as soon as practicable and without the necessity of a motion for reconsideration or the matter being placed on the calendar. On receipt of such bill and the necessary correction, the second house shall consider only the motion: "To amend the bill by the adoption of the correction and the re-passage of the bill as so amended." If the motion passes, the bill shall be considered as repassed on third reading as so amended and shall be returned to the house of introduction. If the motion fails, the bill shall be returned to the house of introduction. No other action may be taken by the second house. This Joint Rule shall be an alternative procedure to the rules of each house and these Joint Rules concerning reconsideration and recall of bills and the consideration of bills by conference committees.