House Rules
(a) No motion shall be debated until it has been put by the chair; if requested by any member the Speaker may require the motion to be reduced to writing, delivered to the chief clerk's desk, and read.

(b) Any motion, other than a motion to reconsider, may be withdrawn or modified by the mover at any time before amendment, decision, or ordering of the ayes and noes; a motion to reconsider may not be withdrawn except upon a motion adopted by a majority of all members elected.

(c) When a question shall be under debate, the Speaker shall entertain no motion except:

(1) To call the House.

(2) To adjourn.

(3) To recess.

(4) To reconsider.

(5) To strike the enacting clause.

(6) To close debate at a specified time.

(7) For the previous question.

(8) To postpone to a day certain.

(9) To refer to committee.

(9.5) To refer a bill back to second reading from third reading for the purpose of consideration of a substantial amendment to the bill.

(10) To amend.

(d) Subject to Rules 8, 14, and 16, such motions shall take precedence in the order named and, except for differing amendments, only one each of such motions may be entertained in the course of the disposition of the main question, unless a vote on some other motion has intervened.

(e) No motion on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment.