House Rules
(a) The House shall be called to order at the hour to which it shall have adjourned.

(b) Before proceeding to business, the Speaker, or a member or student designated by the Speaker, shall lead the members in a recitation of the pledge of allegiance to the flag of the United States of America, the roll of the members shall be called, the names of those absent shall be recorded in the journal, and the Speaker shall declare the presence or absence of a quorum. The foregoing procedure shall in no event be postponed or omitted.

(c) If a quorum be present, the journal of the preceding day or the second preceding day shall be corrected and approved, and the House shall then take up business in the following order:

(1) Special orders, if any, unfinished on previous legislative day.

(2) Reports of committees of reference.

(3) Reports of special committees.

(4) Messages from the Senate, messages from the Governor, messages from the revisor, and communications from state officers.

(5) Introduction of bills, first reading, by title.

(6) Introduction of resolutions and memorials.

(7) Third reading of bills.

(8) General orders.

(9) Conference committee reports ) majority and minority reports.
(10) Consideration of resolutions and memorials.
After having considered business in the above order the House may as necessary return to take up reports, introduction of measures, messages, and consideration of resolutions and memorials.

(d) When the House shall have proceeded to consideration of general orders, no other business, unless it be a special order, shall be in order until general orders shall have been disposed of, except upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all members elected.

(e) After a bill has been returned to the House by a committee of reference for consideration by the House sitting as a committee of the whole, such bill may be made a special order for a particular day or hour. Whenever any bill shall be so made a special order for a particular day or hour and consideration thereof shall not be completed at that sitting, such bill shall retain its place as a special order and shall be considered again as a special order immediately following approval of the journal on the next day of actual session. Whenever a special order shall be under consideration, it shall take precedence over any special order for a subsequent hour of the same day, but such subsequent special order may be taken up immediately after the previous special order shall have been disposed of.

(f) Except as provided in subsection (b) of this rule, the House may, upon the affirmative vote of a majority of all members present, proceed out of order to any order of business or return to an order already passed, but should any business be set for consideration on a certain day and hour, it shall in no event be considered at an earlier day or hour.

(g) Notice of recall of a bill by the Senate shall be read immediately upon receipt if such bill shall then be under consideration by the House, otherwise upon conclusion of the business then before the House, and thereafter the House shall take no action on such bill except to return it to the Senate.