(a) No second shall be required of any motion presented to the Senate. When a motion is made it shall be stated by the President, or, being in writing, shall be handed to the secretary and read aloud before debate. A motion shall be reduced to writing if the President or any Senator so requests.

(b) Any motion or resolution except a concurrent resolution may be withdrawn or modified by the mover at any time before a decision, amendment, or ordering of the ayes and noes, except a motion to reconsider, which shall not be withdrawn except by a majority vote of all members elected.

(c) When a question is under debate, the President shall receive no motion except:

(1) To adjourn.

(2) To take a recess.

(3) To question the presence of a quorum or request a call of the Senate.

(4) To strike the enacting or resolving clause.

(5) To lay on the table.

(6) For the previous question.

(7) To close debate at a specified time.

(8) To postpone to a day certain.

(9) To commit.

(10) To amend.

(11) To postpone indefinitely.

(d) No motion or proposition on a subject different from that under consideration shall be admitted under color of amendment.

(e) A motion to postpone to a day certain, or indefinitely, being decided, shall not again be allowed at the same stage of the bill or proposition; and if a bill or proposition be set for consideration on a certain day, it shall not be considered at an earlier day.

(f) No person other than a Senator shall present any petition, memorial, or address while the Senate is in session.

(g) All so-called substitute motions and resolutions shall be considered as amendments only, and shall be subject to the rules relating thereto, except such matters as may be reported by committee.

(h) All amendments to bills, resolutions, and memorials, to reports of the committee of the whole, or to reports of committees of reference, must be typed on appropriate amendment forms and presented to the secretary, who shall number such amendments as received, and when presented in this manner each such amendment shall be deemed to be pending and shall be considered in the order received. Each amendment should be checked for technical errors by the sponsor of the amendment before it is presented to the secretary.