(a) Any five Senators may demand a call of the Senate, and require absent Senators to be sent for; but a call of the Senate cannot be made after alphabetical roll call has commenced; and the call of the Senate being in order, the President shall order that the doors of the Senate be closed, and that no Senator be allowed to leave the Senate chamber until the pending motion is voted upon, and shall direct the reading clerk to call the roll and note the absentees; after which the names of the absentees shall be again called, and those absent shall be sent for and taken into custody by the sergeants-at-arms, and brought before the bar of the Senate, where, unless excused by a majority of the Senate present, those for whose absence no excuse or an insufficient excuse is made shall be reprimanded by the President for neglect of duty, and fined, respectively, at least to the extent of the expenses incidental to their apprehension and return. The roll call shall be entered in the journal unless the call shall be raised before the President announces the result of the roll call.

(b) No more than two calls of the Senate may be made at any particular stage of any proceeding, except by the unanimous consent of the members present.

(c) A call of the Senate may be raised by a majority vote of those members present in the chambers.