(a) The following questions shall be decided upon without debate; but any Senator making such a motion shall be given three minutes to explain the motion:

(1) Fix the time to which to adjourn, except the fixing of sine die adjournment.

(2) Adjourn.

(3) Take a recess.

(4) Call for orders of the day and questions relating to priority of business.

(5) Suspension of the rules.

(6) Objection to the consideration of a question.

(7) Previous question, and motions to close, limit, or extend the limits of debate.

(8) Amend or reconsider an undebatable motion.

(9) Dispense with reading of the journal.

(b) The previous question shall be stated in this form: "Shall the main question be now put?" and, until it is decided, shall preclude all amendments or debate. When it is decided that the main question shall not be put, the main question shall be considered as still remaining under debate. When, by the affirmative vote of a majority of all members elected, it is decided that the main question shall be put, it shall put an end to all debate and bring the Senate to a direct vote; first, upon all amendments reported or pending, in the inverse order in which they are offered. After the motion for the previous question has prevailed, it shall be in order to move for a call of the Senate, but it shall not be in order to move to adjourn, prior to a decision on the main question.

(c) Upon a majority vote of the members elected, debate may be closed at any time not less than one hour after the adoption of a motion to that effect, and an hour may be fixed for a vote upon the pending measure. No other motion shall be entertained until the motion to close debate, or to fix an hour for the vote on the pending question, shall have been determined.

(d) When considering a bill or a concurrent resolution on third reading, members shall be limited to speaking no more than twice on the same subject except for the sponsor of the bill or concurrent resolution or the mover of the question and except as otherwise provided for in Senate Rule No. 28 (b), and no member shall speak longer than ten minutes each time the member speaks.