(a) The secretary shall prepare a calendar for each day's order of business, and unless the Senate shall otherwise direct, have the same printed and distributed to the members before the convening of the day's session. Such calendar shall include:

(1) All bills and concurrent resolutions which are committed to a committee of the whole Senate and which are not made the order of the day for any particular day or hour, shall be listed under the title of "general orders," in the order in which they were reported from committees.

(2) All bills, resolutions, reports of committees, and other business of the Senate, which have, by order of the Senate, been set down for consideration at some particular day and hour, shall be listed under the title of "special orders."

(3) All bills and concurrent resolutions which may be upon their third reading, shall be listed under the title of "third reading of bills," in the order in which they were ordered upon third reading unless the Senate shall, by a majority vote of members elected, otherwise direct.

(4) Miscellaneous orders which require action of the Senate, including "consideration of resolutions and memorials," "House amendments to Senate bills," "reports of conference committees," shall each be listed under their respective titles.

(b) The secretary shall include on the calendar any references or explanatory notes which will be of aid to the members, and when a bill or resolution coming from the House does not appear in print in the form in which it was passed in the House, the secretary may have the amendments to the bill or resolution printed on the calendar.

(c) Bills, resolutions, and memorials referred to the committee of the whole or to the Senate by committees of reference shall, except as otherwise provided in Senate Rules No. 25A, 30 (g), and 36 (d), be placed on the calendar the second actual day of session following the day on which the committee report is read in open session to the members of the Senate.

(d) Any objection to the calendar shall be made and disposed of before the Senate proceeds to the consideration of the orders of the day.