Witnesses must sign up to testify remotely for committee hearings. The committee chair may limit the time allotted for public testimony. Registering to testify at a remote location does not constitute a guarantee that registrants will be permitted to testify if the committee chair determines that public testimony must be limited. Registrants may also not be able to testify if there are technical issues preventing communication between the remote site and the committee hearing room. At all times, witnesses will be required to maintain proper committee protocol, which includes being acknowledged by the committee chair before speaking and following the rules for testimony established by the committee chair. Registrants who fail to follow the rules for testimony established by the committee chair forfeit their opportunity to testify. Bill hearings are often delayed or rescheduled and there is no guarantee the bill will be heard when originally scheduled.

Please check the House and Senate calendars posted on the General Assembly's website for updates on any calendar changes. For committee changes that occur the day of a committee hearing, please visit the committee's Twitter feed, which can be found on the committee's website, for updates. When the bill is heard, registrants could be called to testify at any point during the bill hearing.

For additional information on testifying before a committee of the Colorado General Assembly, please read the memorandum found here.

Currently no bills are available for remote testimony.