Date: 03/03/2009

BILL SUMMARY for HB09-1176


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02:34 PM -- House Bill 09-1176

Representative Green, prime sponsor of House Bill 09-1176, discussed the merits of the bill. The bill would require public high schools to teach a prequalification driver awareness program. Representative Green provided a handout, Amendment L.014, and Amendment L.018 to the committee (Attachments B, C, and D). Representative Green responded to questions from committee members. Representative Merrifield asked clarifying questions regarding the bill's provisions.

090303AttachB.pdf 090303AttachC.pdf 090303AttachD.pdf

02:47 PM

Mr. Wayne Tully, representing the Driver Education Association of Colorado, responded to questions from committee members. Mr. Tully provided background information on driver education processes and challenges.

02:57 PM

Representative Fischer asked Mr. Tully for additional information on current driver education laws specific to permits. Mr. Jery Payne, Office of Legislative Legal Services, responded to Representative Fischer's question. Mr. Payne discussed current state laws.

03:06 PM

Representative King asked Representative Green regarding opposition to the bill.

03:12 PM

Mr. Tully and Representative Green discussed Amendment L.014. Representative McFadyen stated that the bill will be laid over to another date.