Date: 12/01/2009

Department of Labor and Employment


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03:04 PM -- Department of Labor and Employment

Mr. Mahesh Albuquerque, Director, Division of Oil and Public Safety, and Mr. Scott Winters, Enterprise System Support Manager, both of the Department of Labor and Employment, presented one FY 2010-11 capital request and discussed future capital need for the department. Mr. Winters began by briefly addressing the department's future capital need. Mr. Albuquerque presented the FY 2010-11 request for the Consolidated Enterprise System project. Committee members received a copy of a letter regarding the division's outdated computer system (Attachment F). Mr. Albuquerque addressed questions about the source of funds for the project, and explained which fees generate revenue for the cash funds to be used for the project. Discussion continued about the source of funds for the project and the appropriate use of fees.

03:14 PM

Mr. Albuquerque addressed a concern about the project and the decision by the division to contract for the creation of single, consolidated system.