Date: 07/08/2009

Presentation by President and Speaker


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All materials referred to in this summary are available on the web at Legislative Council Staff's website for the Long-Term Fiscal Stability Commission.

09:05 AM -- Call to Order and Opening Comments

The meeting was called to order by the Chair, Senator Rollie Heath. Senator Heath described the meeting materials provided to members, noting that they are available on-line at the Legislative Council Staff's website for the Interim Commission to Study Fiscal Stability.

09:08 AM -- Presentation by Senate President and Speaker of the House of Representatives

Senator Brandon Shaffer, President of the Colorado Senate, began by welcoming members and discussing Senate Joint Resolution 09-044 and the charge of the commission. He stated that he had a vision for Colorado's future and shared his thoughts about current fiscal policies. President Shaffer further explained that the fiscal challenges facing the state are collective and affect tax, budget, and other areas of policy.

09:12 AM

Representative Terrance Carroll, Speaker of the Colorado House of Representatives, also welcomed members of the commission. Speaker Carroll stated that the people in Colorado set the public agenda and decide how to finance the state's needs. He said that the challenging economic circumstances are forcing everyone to address the fiscal situation of the state as well as examine the fundamental role of government. Speaker Carroll concluded by sharing his views about bipartisanship and moving forward into the future.