Date: 08/27/2009

Next Meeting


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03:29 PM -- Next Meeting

Representative Middleton asked the committee if there are topics they would like to discuss at the next committee meeting. She noted that Representative Massey would like to hear a lunch presentation from EagleNet. She said that special education and response to intervention would be on the next agenda.

03:31 PM

The committee discussed the process for requesting bills, with Representative Middleton clarifying that bills should be requested at the September 15 meeting. Julie Pelegrin, Office of Legislative Legal Services (OLLS), came to table to speak to the bill request process. Ms. Pelegrin said OLLS will need information to draft bills on September 15 or sooner so that they can be distributed to the committee for review prior to the October 1 meeting. The committee discussed the bill process and asked questions of Ms. Pelegrin.

03:40 PM

Senator King talked about an idea he had around at-risk funding, referring to a memo estimating the cost of creating an incentive funding program for at-risk students (Attachment F). Senator Johnston commented as well, saying there is consensus around the idea in the At-Risk Working Group.


Senator Romer asked the committee's opinion about a bill creating a business council that would make a recommendation on sources for matching dollars for Race to the Top if the state wins Race to the Top. The committee discussed the issue, as well as the issue of supporting EagleNet's proposal.

03:46 PM

The committee adjourned.