Date: 10/16/2009



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10:23 AM -- Updates

Damage to rose onyx. Ms. Thomsen reported that Capitol Complex staff took photographs of the damage to the rose onyx throughout the building (a description of the location of the damage is contained in Attachment F). Ms. Contiguglia asked staff to draft a letter to Capitol Complex asking for an estimated cost of repairs and asking if the repairs might be submitted as a controlled maintenance request. Ms. Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, provided information about the process for controlled maintenance requests. Ms. Eddins said Capitol Complex suspects that the damage is being caused by the floor waxer, and had indicated to her that they would work to make sure that it does not continue to happen. Mr. Hite provided his perspective on this issue as well. Ms. Contiguglia suggested that the letter ask for an annual report from Capitol Complex on the rose onyx. Mr. Nichols suggested that the letter include a request that the waxing equipment be inspected and an be attempt made to modify it to avoid causing further damage. Senator Bacon asked that the letter request that Capitol Complex address the issue of damage to the rose onyx with the users of the waxing equipment.

Attachment F.pdf

10:29 AM

Enos Mills sculpture. Ms. Contiguglia provided an update on the fundraising effort for the Enos Mills sculpture, talking about the communication with the Colorado Historical Foundation. Senator Bacon provided additional background information regarding the committee's acceptance of the sculpture. Mr. Nichols asked whether a time limit for fundraising had been considered, and also asked about the possibility of returning money to donors if the full amount is not raised. The committee discussed these issues and agreed that a set time limit is appropriate. Mr. Hite suggested that the committee's guidelines for the acceptance of donated art be revisited.

10:35 AM

Other business. Ms. Contiguglia told the committee about an exhibit of the works of Allen Tupper True, who is the artist who painted the murals in the first floor rotunda. A brochure related to the exhibit is contained in Attachment G.

Attachment G.pdf

Ms. Contiguglia told the committee about her recent trip to the Wyoming State Capitol.

10:39 AM

Damage to pavers. Mr. Hite asked for an update on the damages to pavers in the Capitol circle. Ms. Contiguglia provided a brief update on the letter sent to the Department of Personnel and Administration about the damage and the department's response that it would review the rules governing permits for use of the Capitol grounds and look to amend them to accommodate a remedy to the problem.