Date: 09/18/2009

Tour Desk Sales and End of the Year Fund Balance


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10:02 AM -- Tour Desk Sales and End of the Year Fund Balance

Ms. Betsy Holdredge, Legislative Council Staff, described the function of the Project Gold Fund and presented a summary of the fund's year-end balance. Committee members received a FY 2008-09 fund balance summary, including expenses and expenditures, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment C). Ms. Holdredge responded to questions about the number and types of items sold to date, and the total sales since the fund was established. Ms. Holdredge also answered questions about the need to replenish some items for sale at the tourist desk.

Attachment C.pdf

10:08 AM

Mr. Simon Maghakyan, Visitor Services, presented a book that he would like to sell on consignment at the tour desk: The Colorado State Capitol: History, Politics, Preservation by Derek R. Everett. Mr. Maghakyan briefly summarized the book and said that the author has volunteered as a tour guide at the State Capitol. He explained that the book will sell for $32.00, and Visitor Services will earn $12.00 per sale. Mr. Nichols noted that the bookstore at the Colorado History Museum will be closing soon. The committee discussed the possibility of the Capitol Visitor Services using leftover stock from museum store.