Date: 08/19/2009

Public Testimony


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3:20 PM -- Public Testimony

Sara Duncan, Denver Water, explained that Denver uses water distributors who provide water to retail customers. These entities are not eligible to receive Water Efficiency Grant moneys under Section 37-60-126 (12) (a), C.R.S. However, she explained that these entities are required by their contract with the Denver Water Department to comply with the department's water conservation plan. She urged the committee to request a draft bill that would make distributors eligible for Water Efficiency Grant moneys if they are covered by a regional conservation plan, such as the plan Denver Water Department requires of its distributors.

3:24 PM

Jennifer Gimbel, Director, Colorado Water Conservation Board, responded to Ms. Duncan's comments. She explained that the CWCB is working to address Ms. Duncan's request administratively and she does not see a need to amend statute. She also responded to questions from the committee concerning the Water Efficiency Grant Program.

3:26 PM

Ms. Duncan responded to questions from the committee about whether the CWCB could address her concerns administratively. She also expressed concern about Governor Ritter's plan to reduce 5.3 FTE from the Division of Water Resources and commented on a proposal to increase fees for the division to offset the General Fund reductions. She explained that water administration is more deserving of the state's limited resources than recreational activities. She urged the committee to request a draft bill that appropriates to the Division of Water Resources moneys from Tier 1 of the Operational Account of the Severance Tax Trust Fund and expressed concern about reducing Tier 2 appropriations for the Species Conservation Trust Fund. This program provides moneys for federally mandated endangered species recovery programs on the Colorado and South Platte river basin, and other areas of the state.

3:29 PM

Jen Boulton, Colorado Trout Unlimited, Audubon of Colorado, spoke in opposition to amending statute to address Ms. Duncan's concern about the eligibility of water distributors to receive Water Efficiency Grant Program moneys.