Date: 12/02/2008

Testimony of Ms. Rosemary Rodriguez


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11:32 AM -- Testimony of Ms. Rosemary Rodriguez

Ms. Rosemary Rodriguez, Chair, U.S. Elections Assistance Commission, testified before the commission. Ms. Rodriguez briefly discussed the inability of the Elections Assistance Commission to promulgate voting system certification standards to date. Ms. Rodriguez then discussed the overall state of statewide voter registration databases as of the recent election and their interoperability with other databases, and forthcoming efforts to better serve overseas voters. Ms. Rodriguez next discussed efforts to implement universal voter registration through federal legislation. Ms. Rodriguez responded to questions regarding how states will be incentivized to implement universal voter registration. Ms. Rodriguez turned the discussion to efforts to share security protocols among the states.

11:42 AM

Ms. Rodriguez responded to questions regarding how pilot states for a universal voter registration system will be selected, the prevalence of the use of electronic voting systems throughout the states, and voter satisfaction in states that use electronic systems. Discussion ensued regarding the point of view of the U.S. Congress as it pertains to the use of secure and verifiable electronic voting systems. Ms. Rodriguez responded to questions regarding states that are leading the way in the areas of voting system certification and post-election auditing.

11:52 AM

Ms. Rodriguez responded to questions regarding the federal position on voter eligibility, and the potential for exempting Colorado from Elections Assistance Commission voting system certification standards in the future. Ms. Rodriguez responded to further questions regarding federal requirements for serving voters with disabilities by using electronic voting systems.

11:59 AM

The commission recessed for lunch.