Date: 02/05/2009

Briefing by Governor's Energy Office


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10:31 AM -- Briefing by Governor's Energy Office

Mr. Tom Plant, Director, Governor's Energy Office, briefed the committee about the charge and activities of his office. Committee members received a summary of his presentation (Attachment E). Mr. Plant addressed a question about the Senate Bill 07-091 report, which established a task force to identify renewable resource generation areas in Colorado that have the potential to support the development of renewable energy. Mr. Plant spoke about the state's energy capacity and walked the committee through Attachment E.

10:42 AM

Mr. Plant continued to walk the committee through Attachment E and addressed questions about energy costs, Energy Star high-efficiency homes, and existing rebates for home modifications that increase energy efficiency.

10:51 AM

Mr. Plant answered questions about the use of nuclear energy in the state and the source and amount of funding for the operation of the Governor's Energy Office. Mr. Plant continued to address questions about funding for the Governor's Energy Office and noted the use of federal match dollars for different energy-related programs in the state. Senator Schwartz briefly explained the intent and effect of Senate Bill 07-091.