Date: 10/19/2009

Medicaid Eligibility Modernization


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10:01 AM -- Medicaid Eligibility Modernization

Sue Williamson, Deputy Director, Office of Client and Community Relations, Department of Health Care Policy and Financing, spoke to Health Resources and Services Administration (HRSA) State Health Access Grant that the department recently was awarded. She provided a fact sheet on the grant to the committee (Attachment C). She described the grant and stated that the grant is for five years. Ms. Williamson stated that the grant may only be used for health care expansion efforts which include expanded programs in Medicaid and infrastructure. Ms. Williamson stated that some of the money from the grant will be used towards implementing the Colorado Health Care Affordability Act, for example, an outreach retention program for new Medicaid populations. She described some of the other programs that the grant will fund. She stated that the grant will help the department implement streamlining the application process for Medicaid participants, a benefit design program for Medicaid participants, and establish a three-share health coverage plan