Date: 08/27/2009

Review of School District Reporting Statutes


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01:05 PM -- Review of School District Reporting Statutes

Ms. Herrmann came to the table to describe school district reporting statutes related to public school finance. She provided a handout listing the requirements she felt should be removed or waived (Attachment D), which she walked through with the committee. First she talked about reports related to taxpayer incentive agreements. She responded to a question from Senator Spence about these agreements, and conversation on this issue ensued. Ms. Herrmann clarified that the two agreements still in existence end in 2010-2011.


01:10 PM

Next, Ms. Herrmann described the report regarding authorization of additional local revenues. She responded to committee questions about the report. She spoke next to the report on state matching funds related to the National School Lunch Act, and the report required of declining enrollment districts with new charter schools. Next, she discussed the report related to military dependent supplemental pupil enrollment aid. She responded to committee questions about this report and the aid program.

01:17 PM

Ms. Herrmann continued, describing the report related to the Charter School for the Deaf and the Blind and the provision requiring school districts to file their budgets with the CDE. The report related to capital construction state aid for charter schools was described next. She proposed a modification to the statute that would allow the money to be distributed more quickly. Representative Massey asked Senator King to comment on the report and the aid program. Committee conversation on this provision ensued.

01:24 PM

Next, Ms. Herrmann discussed the report related to the full-day kindergarten facility capital construction fund and the certification for distribution from the State Public School Fund and eligibility determination impact. She responded to committee questions. Representative Stephens talked about the importance of looking at these issues with a long term view.

01:28 PM

Senator King asked Ms. Herrmann to provide clarification to earlier committee discussion around funding for charter schools opened after fiscal year 2004-2005. Committee discussion with Ms. Herrmann on this issue ensued.