Date: 02/20/2009

Update on Capitol Lighting and Elevator Projects


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01:59 PM -- Update on Capitol Lighting and Elevator Projects

Mr. Shepherd provided an update on the Capitol lighting and elevator projects. He explained that because of budget reductions, some money from the capitol lighting project would be used for the elevator project. He said there is about $230,000 remaining for the lighting project, which would be used for dimmers and repairs for the House and Senate Chambers lighting, as well as security lighting. Mr. Lombardi commented that there are insurance moneys as well. Mr. Shepherd said the light-emitting diode (LED) lighting for the exterior will be priced, but not pursued at this time. He also said moneys remaining after the work on the east stairs would be used for work on the north sidewalks this summer.

Mr. Shepherd talked about federal stimulus moneys, saying a list has been provided to the Governor's Energy Office that includes restoring windows in the Capitol. He also provided an update on the dome project, saying that $3 million from the State Historical Fund has been promised if matched by an additional $7 million in capital development funds. Ms. Nunnelly talked about a recent tour of the dome, saying the committee should lead the charge to get stimulus moneys for work on the building. Ms. Contiguglia suggested a letter to the Capital Development Committee on these issues. She asked Mr. Shepherd to draft some talking points and email them to staff so that a letter to the Capital Development Committee could be drafted. After the letter is drafted, staff will request time on the Capital Development Committee's agenda.

Mr. Shepherd provided the latest reports on building assessments (Attachments B and C).

The committee discussed making building repairs a priority. Representative Weissmann explained that the Capital Development Committee makes recommendations to the Joint Budget Committee, which approves or rejects recommendations. Committee discussion ensued, with conversation about whether federal stimulus moneys might come available or whether the availability of such moneys might free up state moneys for needed repairs.