Date: 02/10/2009

Technology and Auditing Subcommittee Recommendations


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01:37 PM -- Technology and Auditing Subcommittee Recommendations

The commission returned to order. Commissioner Doyle presented the final recommendations of the Technology and Auditing Subcommittee. Commission members received the final recommendations (Attachment H), along with printed copies of the powerpoint presentation that Commissioner Doyle relied upon during his presentation (Attachment I). Commission members also received comments regarding the final recommendations, prepared by Coloradans for Voting Integrity (Attachment J), and a press release from the Election Assistance Commission regarding its certification of a specific voting system (Attachment K). Commissioner Doyle's presentation included the rationales behind the subcommittee's recommendations.

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01:47 PM

Commissioner Doyle continued to brief the commission on the Technology and Auditing Subcommittee's recommendations. Commissioner Baisley presented a dissenting opinion regarding a subcommittee recommendation that direct recording electronic (DRE) voting equipment usage be abolished in Colorado after 2013. Commissioner Baisley's dissent relied upon a set of slides contained in Attachment I.

01:57 PM

Commissioner Baisley continued to present a dissenting opinion regarding the use of DRE equipment in the future.

02:09 PM

Commissioner Doyle responded to questions regarding "gross" and "net" accuracy, in reference to the use of optical scan devices in the 2008 Minnesota Senate race. Discussion ensued on the subject of optical scan accuracy. Commissioner Doyle responded to further questions regarding the fielding of dissenting opinions on the subject of DREs by the subcommittee in formulating its recommendations.

02:20 PM

Discussion continued regarding the use of DRE equipment. Discussion returned to the sources considered by the subcommittee in creating its recommendations pertaining to the use of DREs. Commissioner Hultin provided clarification regarding the push to phase out DRE equipment, and the sources considered in making the recommendation. Commissioner Nickell spoke to the benefits of allowing counties the option to use DREs instead of mandating paper ballots. Discussion followed regarding the decertification of certain equipment in 2007 by the Secretary of State, and the sunsetting of a subsequent statute that allowed certification.

02:30 PM

Discussion ensued regarding the use of the term "chief election official" in the subcommittee's recommendations. Commissioner Doyle responded to questions regarding the subcommittee's consideration of certain on-line registration technologies. Discussion followed regarding the ability of certain counties to host all-paper-ballot elections, and the time frame for moving away from DRE equipment contained in the subcommittee's recommendations. Discussion turned to the fiscal impact and technical feasibility of mandating all-paper-ballot elections, and the impact of the mandate on county clerks.

02:40 PM

Discussion continued regarding the subcommittee recommendation for moving to all-paper-ballot elections statewide, and the reliability of DRE equipment. Discussion followed regarding the subcommittee's recommendation regarding testing and certification of a voting system that has only been modified. Commissioner Doyle responded to questions regarding the subcommittee's recommendations on the elections audit process, and the ability to modify electronic voting systems to accept auditable batches of votes. Commissioner Hultin weighed in on the subcommittee's decision-making process in formulating its final recommendations.