Date: 01/23/2009

Department of State Briefing


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08:05 AM -- Department of State Briefing

Representative Todd, co-Chair, called the meeting to order.

08:07 AM

Bernie Buescher, Secretary of State, introduced members of his staff. He commented on the operations of the Secretary of State's Business Division and said that the division is very efficient. He described the operations of the Licensing Division, and the interaction of the office with the nonprofit sector. He commented on the operations of the Elections Division, its role in the initiative process, and lobbyist registrations. He described the Information Technology Division within the department. He spoke of the mission of the department.

08:20 AM

Secretary Buescher commented on statewide voter registration in Colorado. He spoke of a report forthcoming from the Election Reform Commission which is expected to be available in March, and the Secretary of State's campaign finance system. He said that this system is not at the high standard of other systems in the office. He commented on the role of his office in disaster recovery of the state's computer systems and the importance of maintaining adequate firewalls. He said that the question of the proper location of this function within his office will be addressed and that the potential relocation of this function to the Office of Information Technology will be considered.

08:27 AM

Secretary Buescher noted that the proper location of the regulation of bingo and raffle is also being explored. He said that his highest priority will be to ensure the integrity and efficiency of elections in Colorado. Representative Lambert said that he intends to introduce a resolution addressing the relocation of bingo and raffle regulatory functions.

08:35 AM

Secretary Buescher addressed the office's low filing fees for various documents and said that this is a result of efficient electronic filing. He said that the state should consider means of providing further support for the cost of elections, and that the bulk of this burden is borne by county governments. He said that this cost is onerous for the state's smaller counties. Representative Murray said that she has confidence in Colorado's voting equipment.

08:43 AM

The committee meeting adjourned.