Date: 08/26/2009

House Bill 09-1230


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02:26 PM -- House Bill 09-1230

Representative McFadyen discussed the statutory responsibility of the committee to consult with various parties on the issues raised in House Bill 09-1230.

02:29 PM

Mr. Chip Taylor, representing Colorado Counties, Inc., testified before the committee. Mr. Taylor provided background information on the collection of local sales tax on automobile sales. Mr. Taylor responded to questions from committee members.

02:36 PM

Ms. Sara Rosene, Clerk and Recorder, Grand County, representing the Colorado County Clerks Association, testified before the committee. Ms. Rosene cited statistics on local sales tax collections. Ms. Rosene responded to questions from committee members.

02:42 PM

Ms. Melissa Kuipers, representing the Colorado Automobile Dealers Association, testified before the committee. Ms. Kuipers discussed procedural challenges for automobile dealers in sales tax collections from customers. Ms. Kuipers responded to questions from committee members. Representative McNulty asked Ms. Kuipers to comment on the amount of total sales tax impacted by faulty sales tax collections from automobile sales.

02:53 PM

Representative Looper asked for a representative from the DOR to respond to questions. Ms. Huber responded to questions regarding the accuracy of DOR systems for sales tax collection. Senator Williams stated that legislation would be considered at the next meeting of the committee.

03:01 PM

Representative Tyler discussed the accuracy rate of automobile dealer sales tax collections. Representative Summers, sponsor of House Bill 09-1230, discussed the intent of the bill as introduced during the 2009 session.