Date: 09/16/2009

Presentation on Waste Tire Use


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11:24 AM -- Presentation on Waste Tire Use

The committee returned to order.

11:34 AM

Former Representative Gerard Frank and Mr. Doug Ford, representing GreenTech, Inc., discussed the reuse of waste tires as a potential economic resource. Mr. Ford discussed the processes to reuse tires for the creation of clean diesel energy. GreenTech's integrated optimal control system operates from steam generated through waste tire product combustion. Mr. Ford stated that the process can produce 23 million gallons of clean diesel fuel or ethanol annually. Mr. Ford stated that Colorado has more stockpiled waste tires than any other U.S. state. Mr. Ford proposed the process as a means of generating clean, affordable fuel while reducing a substantial solid waste problem.

11:43 AM

Representative Frank asked that the General Assembly encourage tire reuse by amending the definition of municipal waste in statute or by including research funding through the state. Representative Frank responded to questions from committee members and provided a handout to committee members (Attachment C). Representative Looper suggested potential funding sources and grants that could assist the project.


11:54 AM

Representative Looper asked Mr. Ford if other states have similar projects. Mr. Ford stated that no such similar project, to his knowledge, exists in another state.

11:58 PM

The committee recessed.