Date: 02/10/2009

Presentation by Mr. Ivan Meek


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09:37 AM -- Presentation by Mr. Ivan Meek, Democracy Technology Project

The commission was called to order. A quorum was present. Mr. Ivan Meek, representing the Democracy Technology Project, presented a powerpoint presentation on the project's initiatives, including the Shear Card Vote Recorder technology. Committee members received a handout entitled "The Twelve Principles of Sound Election Practice," prepared by the Democracy Technology Project (Attachment A). Mr. Meek discussed the merits and failures of various types of voting technologies, focusing on the benefits of using the Shear Card Vote Recorder. Mr. Meek provided clarification regarding the use of punch card technologies in Colorado, and highlighted the features contained in the Shear Card machine for assisting special needs voters.


09:47 AM

Mr. Meek continued to brief the commission on the Shear Card Vote Recorder, highlighting the machine's security features and other protective features, and tabulating technology compatible with the machine. Mr. Meek also discussed the costs associated with the machine. Mr. Meek then discussed the issue of voter disenfranchisement associated with voting technology.

09:58 AM

Mr. Meek responded to questions regarding the time frame within which the Shear Card Vote Recorder may be available for use, and the ability of the machine to accommodate multiple styles of ballots. Mr. Meek responded to further questions regarding the compatibility of the machine with mail-in ballots, and the use of an optical scanner with the machine.