Date: 07/17/2009

Other Business


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10:19 AM -- Other Business

Ms. Contiguglia reported that, in Mr. Hite's absence, she assisted the Colorado Council on the Arts in its selection of art for the basement rotunda exhibit.

Ms. Contiguglia also reported that she contacted the Art Institute of Colorado to gauge interest in getting a student to take photos for the Memorials and Art In and Around the State Capitol publication update. She explained that the photos would be used for archival purposes, not for publication.

Ms. Contiguglia thanked Capitol Complex for working on the installation of the quilt show and encouraged committee members to look at the quilts.

Mr. Lombardi introduced Mr. Richard Lee, who will take his place on the committee.

10:23 AM

Ms. Contiguglia reminded committee members that Mr. Lombardi is retiring at the end of July. She thanked him for his service to the committee and read into the record a certificate congratulating Mr. Lombardi. Mr. Lombardi thanked the committee and made parting remarks.

10:29 AM

Ms. Eddins reported that the House of Representatives was unable to secure donated plants this year for the planters around the Capitol.

The committee adjourned.

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