Date: 10/16/2009

Quilt Show Final Report


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09:36 AM -- Quilt Show Final Report

Ms. Karen Hadfield and Ms. Catherine Culp of the Colorado Quilting Council introduced themselves and presented the final report of the 2009 Capitol Quilt Show (Attachment A). They also provided a copy of the quilt show program (Attachment B). Ms. Hadfield played for the committee a recording of an interview with KGNU community radio related to the quilt show. The quilt show, which was installed on June 1, 2009, and dismantled on August 20, 2009, included 250 quilts and was visited by visitors from 46 states and 30 countries.

Attachment A.pdf Attachment B.pdf

09:46 AM

Ms. Contiguglia thanked Ms. Hadfield and Ms. Culp for their report and remarked on the beauty of the quilt show. Ms. Culp noted that a number of people who might not otherwise have come to the Capitol visited the building to view the quilt show. She thanked the committee for allowing the show in the building. Ms. Contiguglia commented that the show went smoothly and thanked Ms. Hadfield and Ms. Culp, as well as Capitol Complex Staff, for the good communication and cooperation.

Ms. Hadfield showed committee members the certificate, pin, and labels given to quilters who participated in the show. She also showed the committee a slide show of photos of the quilt show and the building that was used for publicity for the quilt show. Ms. Culp noted that the slide show may be viewed at the Colorado Quilting Council's website, Ms. Hadfield and Ms. Culp responded to questions from the committee about the quilt show and thanked the committee for its support. Ms. Contiguglia encouraged the Colorado Quilting Council to work with the committee to bring the show back to the Capitol in the future.