Date: 08/04/2009

Overview of Committee Materials


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09:25 AM -- Overview of Committee Materials

Ms. Christie Lee, Legislative Council Staff, provided an overview of notebook materials. She informed the committee that all meetings would be held in House Committee Room 0112 except for the August 31 meeting which will be in the Legislative Services Building, Room A. Clare Pramuk, Legislative Council Staff, used the table of contents to outline what was available in the notebooks and through the staff. She pointed to the glossary for definitions and acronyms and explained the format of some of the multi-page tables. Senator Carroll asked for an explanation of the rules and voting, both for legislators and non-legislators. Ms. Lee explained that the rules require a majority of the legislators to pass a bill. Discussion then moved to other tables located in the committee notebook. In response to a question from Mr. Ken Ross, Ms. Pramuk provided the source of information in the 50-state table. She also noted that other information was available on two cd's in each member's notebook. Ms. Lee told the committee that all of the presented material would be available online.