Date: 04/30/2009

2009 Interim Travel Itinerary


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08:29 AM -- 2009 Interim Travel Itinerary

Representative Riesberg made the committee aware of a question that has been raised about the requirement for 1 percent for art in public places and explained that the issue may be considered at the committee's June 2009 meeting. He also explained that the committee will meet June 22, 2009, rather than June 18 or 19, 2009, as indicated in earlier staff communications. Committee members received a memorandum prepared by Legislative Council Staff outlining a possible 2009 travel itinerary (Attachment E). Representative Riesberg summarized the travel recommendations listed in Attachment E. Senator Schwartz expressed her continued interest in traveling during the interim and suggested viewing deficiencies that may qualify as Level 1 Controlled Maintenance projects. She also suggested that the committee view potential cash-funded projects at higher education institutions. In response to a question from the chair, Senator Schwartz gave the committee a brief update on Senate Bill 09-290, a committee bill concerning increased flexibility for higher education cash-funded capital construction projects. The committee asked staff to consult with each member individually to best determine travel dates for the 2009 interim.


08:37 AM

The committee adjourned.