Date: 05/19/2009

Status Report on State Government Continuity Plan


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10:44 AM -- Status Report on State Government Continuity Planning

General Mason Whitney, Governor's Office of Homeland Security, addressed the committee to discuss emergency planning for the state of Colorado and distributed a handout to the committee (Attachment H). General Whitney talked about his background and talked about the Governor's Office of Homeland Security. He discussed continuity of operations planning (COOP) and continuity of government (COG). COOP addresses the problem of providing essential functions from a different location until the primary facility becomes usable. COG concentrates on the continued performance of essential agency functions and support of county and state government during emergency or disaster situations. General Whitney discussed COOP/COG planning for each state agency and talked about the oversight by the Governor's Office of Homeland Security and the structure of emergency planning for the state. He talked about the number of state agencies that have completed COOP/COG plans and the need to continue to test and revise the plans. He also discussed the long-term strategies and future challenges for COOP/COG training and exercise efforts.


11:16 AM

General Whitney addressed questions from committee members concerning pandemic emergencies and COOP/COG plans between Colorado and neighboring states, the federal government, and different global regions. Committee discussion ensued concerning the status of the Colorado legislative COOP/COG plan. General Whitney discussed problems created by different COOP/COG plans that use different types of software and discussed the criteria of federal homeland security funding. Committee discussion ensued regarding the need to implement COOP/COG plans for the Colorado General Assembly that are coordinated with other state agencies and local jurisdictions.