Date: 12/02/2008

Other Business


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02:16 PM -- Overview of FY 2009-10 Capital Construction and Controlled Maintenance Requests and Projected Revenue

Committee members received a memorandum providing an overview of FY 2009-10 capital construction and controlled maintenance requests and projected revenue, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment U). Ms. Moe gave an overview of the revenue projected to be available for FY 2009-10 projects. She explained how the projected revenue was calculated and answered questions from the committee. As of September 20, 2009, there is projected to be about $53.9 million available for FY 2009-10 capital construction projects.

02:23 PM

Ms. Kori Donaldson, Legislative Council Staff, gave an overview of the FY 2009-10 capital requests. She explained that of the 88 state-funded projects requested for FY 2009-10, 11 projects are continuation projects funded in House Bill 08-1375 and frozen by the Governor on September 25, 2008, and 5 projects were authorized by House Joint Resolution 08-1042, but not included n the FML COP issued on October 23, 2008. Ms. Donaldson walked the committee through Table 1 on page 2 of Attachment U.

02:31 PM -- Colorado School of Mines Supplemental Request

Ms. Moe explained that the Colorado School of Mines submitted a supplemental request that will be considered by the CDC in January 2009. The request was submitted as an emergency supplemental request, but it was determined that it did not need spending authority right away.

02:33 PM -- Metropolitan State College of Denver, Hotel Learning Center

Committee members received a letter from Metropolitan State College of Denver (Metro) concerning the release of a request for proposal for a new Hotel Learning Center project (Attachment V). Mr. Sean Nesbitt, Facilities Planner, Metro, explained why the college is not yet requesting spending authority for the project, and the circumstances under which the college is issuing the request for proposal. Mr. Nesbitt addressed a question about how this project relates to other programs on the Auraria Higher Education Center campus. Mr. Nesbitt provided further details of the proposed project. He said that the program plan has been approved by CCHE. Mr. Nesbitt answered additional questions about fundraising for the project and how the Auraria campus will benefit from the project.

02:40 PM

Mr. Nesbitt continued his presentation about the Hotel Learning Center project and answered additional questions about fundraising for the project. He explained that this is Metro's first solo project and that fundraising efforts may be easier to move forward for a single institution and not the entire Auraria campus. Discussion continued about fundraising, parking at a new facility, and how the Auraria campus would benefit from the project.

02:45 PM -- Future Meeting Dates

Representative Riesberg reminded the committee about the next economic forecast on December 19. The committee decided to schedule its next meeting on the same day, 15 minutes following the presentation of the economic forecast.

02:49 PM

The committee adjourned.