Date: 01/22/2009

Department of Revenue FY 2009-10 Request


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07:32 AM -- Department of Revenue FY 2009-10 Request

The committee came to order. A quorum was present. Ms. Roxy Huber, Executive Director, Department of Revenue, and Mr. John Vecchiarelli, CITA Business Sponsor, presented a FY 2009-10 state-funded request for the Colorado Integrated Tax Architecture (CITA) project. Committee members received a summary of the request, prepared by Legislative Council Staff (Attachment A). Ms. Huber addressed questions about the project timeline. Mr. Vecchiarelli said that in November 2010 the sales and use tax component of the project will be operational. Ms. Huber said the new system will be more adaptable to changes in technology and will be able to include future new revenue sources in the tax-collection system.