Date: 08/04/2009

Public Testimony


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04:08 PM -- Public Testimony

The committee began public testimony. The following witnesses testified:

04:08 PM -- Ms. Sandra Torrence talked about her experience when she injured her arm working for University Hospital in 2001. She talked about being video taped for a year following her claim and that she was given surgery, but had to pay for her prescriptions. Ms. Torrence talked about he difficulty of going to the doctor because he was located outside of a bus route.

04:11 PM --
Mr. Ed Kahn, special counsel for the Colorado Center of Law and Fiscal Policy, distributed a handout (Attachment E). Mr. Kahn talked about the privatization approach for Pinnacol. He advised the committee that the center has not taken a position on what to do with Pinnacol. He mentioned that in 1996, he was asked to represent the public interest in blue cross legislation that would have changed blue cross from a for-profit from a nonprofit. He talked about the conversion of Blue Cross and Blue Shield in California. Mr. Kahn talked about the lack of protections in the 1996 legislation.

Attachment E.pdf

04:22 PM --
Mr. Ross asked Mr. Kahn some questions about Blue Cross and Blue Shield. Mr. Kahn responded to additional questions from the committee.

04:25 PM --
Ms. Paula Rhodes talked about the brain injury she sustained working for U.S. Homes and her experience in the workers compensation system.

04:26 PM

The committee adjourned.