Date: 12/01/2009

Department of Human Services


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04:00 PM -- Department of Human Services

Mr. Reginald Jefferson, Deputy Executive Director, Operations and Financial Services, Department of Human Services (DHS) described the department's prioritization process for capital projects and explained that specific needs will be presented according to division. Committee members received an overview of the DHS presentation (Attachment G). Mr. Ken Cole, Director, Office of Behavioral Health and Housing, DHS , presented two FY 2010-11 requests, including: 1) Suicide Risk Mitigation; and 2) F Cottage Life Safety Improvements. He told the committee that both projects will use ARRA dollars for FY 2010-11. Mr. Cole addressed a question about the project schedule for the F Cottage Life Safety Improvements project and explained that DHS hopes to commence the next phase as soon as possible because ARRA funding is only available through September 2011. Mr. Bradford Membel, Director, Division of Facilities Management, DHS, came to the table to address a question about whether hardware developed by DHS personnel and used for suicide risk mitigation has been patented.


04:12 PM

Mr. Cole continued his presentation and gave a five-year projection of need for the Office of Behavioral Health and Housing, of which the primary component is to conduct master planning at both the state's mental health institutes.

04:19 PM

Mr. John Bernhart, Director, Division of Child Support Enforcement, DHS, presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Automated Child Support Enforcement System Migration and Modernization project. Mr. Bernhart provided background on the Child Support Enforcement program and explained that the existing software systems used by the program are 23 years old and are written in an old software language that is hard to support. Mr. Bernhart responded to a question about the source of federal funds and planned future requests for the project.

04:24 PM

Ms. Gale Klingman, Manager, Program Performance and Information Management Services, Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, DHS, presented a FY 2010-11 request for the Colorado AWARE VR Case Management System project. She explained that the division hopes to customize the software to meet the state's needs and stated that most planning documents have been completed and that a project manager has been hired.

04:26 PM

Mr. Membel presented a five-year projection of need for Division of Facilities Management. He told the committee that some DHS facilities are more than 100 years old. Mr. Membel described a possible future capital renewal project.

04:28 PM

Ms. Susan Hunt, Associate Director, Office of Veterans and Disability Services, presented a five-year projection of need for her department and identified about $40 million in future capital need. In response to a question, Ms. Hunt said there are about 4,000 adults with developmental disabilities served by the system. Ms. Hunt addressed a question about community involvement with various programs.

04:32 PM

Ms. Viki Manley, Director, Office of State and Veterans Nursing Homes, presented a five-year projection of need for her office. Ms. Manley briefly spoke about projects at the Fitzsimons and Homelake Domiciliaries.

04:35 PM

Mr. John Gomez, Director, Division of Youth Corrections, presented a five-year projection of need for his division and explained that the division's primary goal is to construct a new northeast region Youth Services Center. Mr. Gomez also summarized the need for an addition to the division's Sol Vista facility.

04:37 PM

The committee adjourned.