Date: 01/16/2009

Solar Panel Project Update


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03:02 PM -- Solar Panel Update

Ms. Contiguglia explained that representatives from the Governor's Energy office would be on the committee's February agenda to provide more information about the proposed display related to the solar panels.

Other Business

Ms. Contiguglia provided an update on repairs to Mr. Brown's Attic.

The committee talked briefly about the Capitol Complex Master Plan.

Ms. Contiguglia provided an update on the Enos Mills statue, saying the donors have not raised money for the installation of the statue. She explained that the donor will come back to the committee when they have raised the needed $175,000.

Mr. Lombardi asked about the voting booth in the attic. Ms. Holst provided an update on it, saying there are issues related to getting power to it. Mr. Lombardi and Ms. Holst agreed to work with the Governor's Energy Office so that the power from the solar panel display may be shared with the voting booth.

Representative Weissmann said he is talking to someone about working on the interactive display in the basement. Ms. Holst commented that the display was up and working for a period of about six weeks.

The committee requested that staff provide a copy of the historic structure report.

The next committee meeting is February 20 at 1:30 p.m.

The committee approved the minutes of the December meeting without objection.

The committee adjourned.

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