Date: 07/08/2009

Commission Member Introductions


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09:18 AM -- Commission Member Introductions

Senator Heath discussed Senate Joint Resolution 09-044 and the charge of the commission. He stated that Colorado is currently in difficult economic times, and that the commission would receive testimony about the state's fiscal policies and revenue structures. He then reviewed the agenda for both July 8 and July 9, and discussed the next commission meetings on July 28 and July 29. Senator Heath explained there would be presentations from industry groups on July 28, and the commission will hear public testimony on July 29. He also said the commission does not have a set agenda beyond July, and the remaining meetings will be open for the commission to set the agenda.

Senator Heath responded to the members' questions about procedures and public testimony. He asked each member to introduce themselves and share their thoughts about the commission.

09:28 AM

The introductions began by Representative Don Marostica, who provided background to the commission as a citizen of Colorado and his career in land development. He stated that the current budget formula does not work well and that he looks forward to working with the commission.

09:30 AM

Ms. Marty Neilson provided background about her education and career in the financial sector. She shared her views that the commission should address difficult fiscal issues.

09:31 AM

Mr. Cris White discussed his background as a native of Colorado and his experience in the housing industry.

09:32 AM

Mr. Jonathan Coors discussed his career in technology and manufacturing and his financial background. He stated that he hoped the commission would examine issues for both small and large businesses.

09:34 AM

Representative Lois Court described her experience in public policy. She stated that she looks forward to hearing from the citizens of Colorado. Representative Court also discussed her experience teaching government.

09:36 AM

Mr. Renny Fagan described his background and career in the Colorado General Assembly and the nonprofit sector.

09:39 AM

Senator Greg Brophy discussed his background representing a rural district and his career as a farmer. He shared his thoughts about fiscal planning for inevitable economic and business downturns.

09:41 AM

Ms. Donna Lynne shared her experiences working with the City of New York during the fiscal crisis in the 1970s. She also discussed her career in the private sector, her educational background, and her current position as President of Kaiser Permanente Colorado.

09:44 AM

Ms. Amy Oliver Cooke discussed her background in small business and as a talk show host. Ms. Cooke also discussed her experiences as a mother, and shared her thoughts about the role of government.

09:48 AM

Senator Morse began by thanking the members of the commission for serving. He explained his background as a Colorado citizen, in the nonprofit sector, and on the police force. Senator Morse also discussed his educational background and his experiences in government. He continued by sharing his views about determining the role of government and paying for its services.

09:51 AM

Mr. Sean Conway discussed his background as Chief of Staff to former U.S. Senator Wayne Allard and his service as a Weld County Commissioner. He stated that he would like his children to have the same opportunities as he has had. Mr. Conway further shared his thoughts about determining the role of government and his experiences as a county commissioner.

09:54 AM

Mr. Kirvin Knox began by providing his educational and academic background. He also discussed his career in the financial and banking sectors.

09:56 AM

Mr. Timothy Hume described his experiences in farming and rural banking for the agriculture industry. He shared his thoughts about the economic challenges facing Colorado and stated he would like the Commission to achieve practical solutions.

09:58 AM

Representative Mark Ferrandino shared his experiences in the Colorado General Assembly and his career in public service. He discussed his views about government, costs, and revenue sources. Representative Ferrandino also shared his thoughts about building a society in Colorado.

10:02 AM

Senator Heath closed the introductions and thanked the members of the commission for their service. He provided his educational and career background in the U.S. Army, law, and business. Senator Heath discussed the comments of the other members, and concluded by sharing his thoughts about the opportunity to address the state's fiscal challenges.

10:11 AM

Senator Heath invited other members of the General Assembly present at the meeting to share their views. Senator Betty Boyd, Representative Kathleen Curry, Senator Chris Romer, Representative Cheri Gerou, Representative Claire Levy, Senator Mary Hodge, and Representative Glenn Vaad all shared their thoughts about the commission's charge and the fiscal challenges facing the state.

10:19 AM

The commission recessed.