Date: 08/31/2009

Chronic Care Collaborative


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03:27 PM -- Chronic Care Collaborative

Carrie Nolan from the Colorado Chapter of the National Multiple Sclerosis Society and Linda Mitchell from the Alzheimer's Association of Colorado introduced themselves and described the Chronic Care Collaborative membership (Attachment O). She described the collaborative's goals and discussed some of the diseases that patients with chronic disease may have. Ms. Nolan discussed the priorities of the collaborative, including promoting long-term care. She stated that the organization supports home- and community-based services, rather than nursing home care, which typically is more expensive. Ms. Nolan encouraged the General Assembly to require the licensure of home care placement agencies and national background checks for home care workers.


03:32 PM

Ms. Nolan described the need for mental health care when treating chronic diseases which can cause depression. She described funding for health prevention. Ms. Nolan described how people with chronic conditions are in need of increased access to health coverage and that without it, some patients incur substantial medical debt by not seeking treatment. Ms. Nolan acknowledged the difficult budget environment and stressed the important of maintaining funding for preventative care and expanding coverage.