Date: 02/04/2009



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02:33 PM -- Senate Bill 09-069

Senator Boyd, bill sponsor, provided an overview of SB 09-069. She explained that the bill provides limited immunity from liability to a parenting coordinator who is acting in the scope of his or her duties, as long as the act or omission that caused the injury was not willful and wanton.

02:36 PM --
Judy Schure, representing herself, spoke in opposition to the bill. She related her experiences concerning parent coordinators. She believes that the immunity provision should be removed because the coordinators have no oversight. She distributed a handout (Attachment D). Ms. Schure stated that she is against immunity until the state establishes standards of practice.


02:43 PM

Senator Hudak asked about the role of the parenting coordinator. Senator King asked about specific language in the bill concerning parenting coordinators who are asked to testify.

02:47 PM --
Dawn and Sarah O'Keefe, representing themselves, spoke in opposition to the bill. Ms. O'Keefe related her personal experiences with parenting coordinators. She explained that the parenting coordinators are not required to have education in domestic violence.

02:56 PM --
Adoree Blair, representing herself, spoke in support of the bill. She provided the committee with a packet of materials (Attachment E). She discussed the role of the parenting coordinator.


03:01 PM

Senator Renfroe asked for examples of when a parenting coordinator needed immunity, but did not have it. Ms. Blair stated that she believes that fewer people are willing to be parenting coordinators because of the lack of immunity. Senator King spoke about the role of the parenting coordinator and discussed the situation concerning the O'Keefe family. Senator Newell asked about parenting coordinator training.

03:06 PM --
Alicia Davis, representing the Judicial Department, spoke about the bill. Senator King asked about language on page three of the bill concerning competence to testify. He asked why a parenting coordinator may not be competent to testify.

03:12 PM

The chair laid the bill over for action at a future date.