Date: 12/16/2008

Updates from Commission Subcommittees


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10:49 AM -- Update from Commission Subcommittees

Commissioner Misare provided an update on the work of the Registration and Database Subcommittee, including issues surrounding voter registration forms and requirements for voter registration drives. Commissioner Misare's update also included a discussion of potential improvements to the Statewide Colorado Registration and Election System (SCORE). Discussion ensued regarding voting by overseas and military voters, and voters who return ballots without required identification. Discussion followed regarding the process by which subcommittees will recommend legislation to the full commission. Commissioner Doyle provided a brief update of the Technology and Auditing Subcommittee's work.

10:59 AM

Commissioner O'Malley provided an update on the work of the Uniform and Simplification Subcommittee, and detailed the subjects being addressed by the subcommittee.

11:02 AM

Chairman Gordon discussed the commission's future calendar. The commission recessed.