Date: 02/10/2009

Registration and Database Subcommittee Recommendations


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11:07 AM -- Registration and Database Subcommittee Recommendations

The commission returned to order. The commission entered into a discussion regarding the final recommendations of the Registration and Database Subcommittee. Committee members received copies of the final recommendations (Attachment E), as well as written comments on the recommendations from Coloradans for Voting Integrity (Attachment F). Commissioner Misare briefed the commission on the final recommendations, and how the subcommittee arrived at the recommendations. Commissioner Misare responded to questions regarding the reason for adding the amendment to the final recommendations, dated February 3rd (contained in Attachment E). Discussion ensued regarding the recommendations to require proof of citizenship when registering to vote, and to require photo identification when registering to vote.

090210AttachE.pdf 090210AttachF.pdf

11:17 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the implementation of the Statewide Colorado Registration and Election (SCORE) system. Commissioner Hobbs referenced an assessment of the system prepared by a consultant, copies of which were received by the commissioners (Attachment G). Commissioner Hobbs responded to questions regarding the potential for creating an advisory board to provide oversight of SCORE, as recommended by the subcommittee. The commission then discussed the advisory board concept, and the functioning of the board.


11:27 AM

The commission continued to discuss the potential creation of an advisory board to oversee SCORE. Commissioner Misare responded to questions regarding the issue of tribal identification for voting purposes, as discussed during the Colorado Lawyers Committee Election Task Force presentation. Discussion ensued regarding the process by which the commission will act on the various subcommittee recommendations, and the potential for amending the recommendations. Discussion returned to the SCORE system, and the ability to coordinate SCORE and the federal Social Security Administration database to affirm voter information. Commissioner Baisley weighed in on the tribal identification issue.

11:37 AM

Commissioner Misare responded to questions regarding the potential for implementing universal voter registration. Commissioner Balink discussed a subcommittee recommendation to expand the post-election signature verification period, and the period for providing identification to voters who are identification deficient. Discussion ensued regarding a subcommittee recommendation to strike certain language in Section 1-2-217.5, Colorado Revised Statutes, pertaining to emergency voter registration, as found in recommendation 5 in Attachment E, and the reason the provision is in state law.

11:47 AM

Discussion continued regarding emergency voter registration provisions currently in state law, the treatment of emergency registration in other states, and how county clerks process emergency registrations. Commissioner Hobbs addressed recommendation 8 in Attachment E pertaining to the state's voter registration form "check box" for indicating a lack of state identification. Discussion ensued regarding the check box issue, and training for those participating in a voter registration drive, as addressed in recommendation 9. Commissioner Misare provided clarification regarding recommendations, 10, 1, and 8 in Attachment E.

11:57 AM

Discussion ensued regarding the creation of a national voter registration database. Discussion returned to the issues of proof of citizenship and presentation of photo identification when registering to vote. Commissioner Balink addressed subcommittee recommendations 8 and 9, and the issue of identification requirements for election-related purposes.

12:02 PM

The committee recessed.