Date: 09/22/2009

Presentation by the Department of Local Affairs


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10:49 AM -- Presentation by the Department of Local Affairs

Ms. Susan Kirkpatrick, Executive Director of the Department of Local Affairs, briefed the task force on the department's programs that operate in the areas of economic opportunity and poverty alleviation. Task force members received a briefing paper to accompany Ms. Kirkpatrick's presentation (Attachment C). Ms. Kirkpatrick addressed specific grant programs administered by the department, and the department's work in local and rural areas to improve water quality, housing, and wages.


10:59 AM

Ms. Kirkpatrick continued to brief the task force on its programs that affect poverty and economic opportunity, discussing the department's efforts in the area of economic development, growth, and interagency collaboration. Ms. Kirkpatrick responded to questions regarding the department's grant funding for the upcoming fiscal year, cuts made to this grant funding by the legislature, and the impact of such budget cuts. Ms. Kirkpatrick then spoke to the merits of the Energy and Mineral Impact Program. Ms. Kirkpatrick responded to further questions regarding housing grant funding still available to the department after the budget cuts, and the status of the Emergency Shelter Grants Program.