Date: 10/21/2009

E-470 Public Highway Authority Update


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11:25 AM -- E-470 Public Highway Authority Update

The committee returned to order.

11:25 AM

Mr. John McCuskey, Deputy Executive Director, E-470 Public Highway Authority, presented to the committee. Mr. McCuskey provided background information on the E-470 Public Highway Authority (E-470 PHA) and its member jurisdictions. He further discussed Colorado toll authorities and their jurisdictions. The E-470 PHA is budgeted for approximately $97 million in 2009 toll revenues. Approximately 84 percent of the E-470 PHA budget is generated through toll revenue. E-470 now offers non-stop toll collection. Handouts were provided to the committee (Attachment E).


11:31 AM

Mr. McCuskey discussed "Bill 1-Modify Toll Evasion Notice Process" (Bill 1). The bill would amend existing violation and transaction processes. Under the bill, permit violation notices will be sent by first class mail, generating cost savings for the E-470 PHA. Mr. McCuskey responded to questions from committee members.

11:36 AM

Representative Baumgardner asked about the costs of a typical violation. Violations occur when transactions are not paid. Representative Baumgardner asked clarifying questions pertaining to Bill 1. Representative Merrifield asked Mr. McCuskey to further elaborate on fines and violations. Representative Vaad asked about other public highways and their costs per mile. Representative Primavera asked Mr. McCuskey to comment on the bill's impact on violation notices. Mr. Joe Donahue, representing the E-470 PHA, responded.