Date: 12/02/2008

OSPB -- FY 2009-10 Capital Recommendations


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09:11 AM -- Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting FY 2009-10 Capital Recommendations

Mr. Todd Saliman, Director, and Ms. Lisa Esgar, Deputy Director, both of the Governor's Office of State Planning and Budgeting (OSPB), presented the Governor's FY 2009-10 capital recommendations. The committee received a letter about the status of the federal mineral lease (FML) projects (Attachment A), a General Fund overview (Attachment B), and a list of level 1 controlled maintenance projects (Attachment C), all prepared by OSPB. Mr. Saliman began by reviewing Attachment B and giving an overview of OSPB's most recent economic forecast. He explained that a General Fund transfer of $17.4 million would be required to fund OSPB's list of recommended capital projects. This recommendation includes continuation projects, certificates of participation (COP) payments, and level 1 controlled maintenance. There is one new project on the list, the Department of Human Services, Domiciliary Care Center, Fitzsimons State Veterans Nursing Home. Also, one continuation project is below the line of projects recommended for funding: the Department of Personnel and Administration, Digital Trunked Radio System. Mr. Saliman responded to a question about COPs and said these payments were included in the list of recommended continuation projects. Mr. Saliman responded to a question about the availability of revenue from the Fitzsimons Trust Fund.

09:20 AM

Representative Riesberg introduced Representative Sonnenberg as a new member of the Capital Development Committee, replacing Representative Marostica. Mr. Saliman said that when OSPB completes its December 20 economic forecast, it may revise its estimate of available revenue and project recommendations. He explained that the December 20 forecast will not reflect tax revenues collected through the holiday season. Ms. Esgar explained that OSPB created four separate priority lists of capital recommendations in lieu of a single list of recommendations for FY 2009-10. Ms. Esgar said that due to the new source of revenue for higher education projects from FML, OSPB saw a need for different priority lists for state department and higher education projects. Attachment A includes the four OSPB priority lists.