Date: 03/10/2009

Presentation from CCOERA


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02:31 PM -- Presentation from CCOERA

Jacob Kuijper, Executive Director, Colorado County Officials and Employees Retirement Association (CCOERA), addressed the committee to discuss the history and mission of CCOERA and distributed an informational handout to the committee (Attachment D). Director Kuijper explained that CCOERA had 211 client entities, including 52 counties and 104 Special Districts, for a total of 17,500 members and assets of approximately $75 million. He explained that CCOERA provides a statewide contribution plan in lieu of a defined benefit plan.


Director Kuijper addressed questions from the committee concerning the mission of CCOERA and talked about the benefits of CCOERA's mutual funds and pension portfolios. He also talked about retirement considerations and the decline in rates of return and the poor performance of the equity market over the last year and explained the administrative costs of managing various retirement plans.

03:00 PM

The committee adjourned.