Date: 07/27/2009

Factors Contributing to Ethical Dilemmas


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02:32 PM -- Factors Contributing to Ethical Dilemmas

The committee reconvened. Ms. Susan Fox introduced herself and stated that her presentation addresses ethical dilemmas regarding end-of-life decisions. She stated that she was the only American to receive a master's degree in bioethics from the University of Leuven, Belgium. She stated that she was going to provide an overview of several issues that many family members, physicians, and other entities deal with regarding end-of-life decisions.

She highlighted that religions have different foundations for their ethical compass which leads to the "right" way to do something. She stated that there is not one singular ethical code. She described several current hot button ethical dilemmas that doctors, families, and various other actors evaluate at some point regarding end-of-life decisions. These hot button ethical dilemmas include:

03:12 PM

There was some discussion around who makes decisions regarding end of life and legislation. She encouraged the committee to have a real discussion surrounding artificial hydration. She stated that it could be beneficial for many patients. The committee discussed the "hot button" issues with Ms. Fox. Various other issues were discussed such as organ donation and organ transplants.