Date: 09/16/2009

CSP Performance Overview and Update


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10:29 AM -- CSP Performance Overview and Update

Colonel James Wolfinbarger, Lieutenant Colonel Scott Hernandez, and Mr. Bobby Juchem, Colorado State Patrol (CSP), presented to the committee. Mr. Juchem provided handouts to the committee (Attachment B). Colonel Wolfinbarger discussed the contents of the handouts. CSP has adopted a model to implement strategic planning and performance outcomes.


10:34 AM

Colonel Wolfinbarger provided background information on CSP. CSP is divided into three regions and six districts. Each district is commanded by a patrolman bearing the rank of major. Colonel Wolfinbarger discussed the mission of CSP, its statutory responsibilities, and its strategic plan.

10:40 AM

Colonel Wolfinbarger discussed statistical decreases in fatal crashes and additional performance metrics. Colonel Wolfinbarger responded to questions from committee members.

10:45 AM

Senator Williams asked Colonel Wolfinbarger to discuss the use of rumble strips to encourage driver safety. CSP partners with CDOT to establish targeted locations for rumble strips. Representative Looper asked about driving under the influence (DUI) figures discussed in the handout.

10:54 AM

Senator Spence and Representative Primavera asked about the number of weapons confiscated at Capitol security checkpoints. Senator Spence also asked about windshield wiper laws and driving safety. Representative Frangas asked about potential budget cuts and impact upon public safety.

11:01 AM

Senator Renfroe requested additional information on the number of weapons confiscated at the Capitol. Senator Renfroe also asked Colonel Wolfinbarger to discuss the Alive at 25 program. Officers who teach programs within the Alive at 25 program do not do so in uniform nor are they on official time. Representative King asked for data regarding the total number of miles driven by CSP fleet vehicles per year, and whether CSP vehicles use premium fuel. Senator Williams discussed cell phone legislation from previous sessions. In 2007, CSP reformed its crash report form to include cell phone-related crashes.